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Lake (La Vie au Lac) Rules 2022

The buyer agrees to respect the conditions and restrictions of the seller's project.
Conditions and restrictions;
  1. The purchaser will not be able to carry out commercial or heavy trade on the purchased property.

  2. The purchaser must comply with all municipal regulations, including urban planning, construction and environmental protection regulations.

  3. Residential buildings erected on the property (excluding the garage, the basement and the attic, not intended for housing) will be a minimum of 1100 square feet.

  4. The purchaser must complete the exterior finish of any construction, including landscaping, within twelve months of obtaining the building permit. It will be forbidden to use, for the exterior finish, materials such as brick paper, cement blocks, sheet metal or stucco, without the written consent of the seller.

  5. Any mobile home, travel trailer, tent trailer, or any other form of dwelling that is not permanent will be prohibited.

  6. No animal other than domestic animals, the number of which is limited to two, may be kept on the property currently sold. Animals must be tied up or kept on a leash at all times.

  7. It is forbidden to keep on the purchased property, any scrap metal or any motorized vehicle no longer in use and / or not registered.

  8. It is prohibited to clear more than the space necessary for the erection of a house and the installation of septic fieldsé weeper beds.

  9. All exterior fires must be made in an approved fireplace or approved outdoor enclosed fire pit.

  10. No gasoline engine will be allowed on the lake, only electric motors will be allowed and boats allowed must not be more than twenty-four (24) feet in length.

  11. The purchaser can never divide/ subdivide the purchased property. The purchased property must always be considered as a whole.

  12. The purchaser shall never give the purchased property a rite of passage giving access, from the public road, to the lot located at the back of his property.

  13. In order to protect the environment, no cleaning product containing phosphate will be tolerated on the property.

  14. The purchaser undertakes, when required by the vendor, to consent to any public utility easement.

  15. Any costs incurred for the final location of the septic tank and system will be at the expense of the purchaser.

  16. The purchaser must take the necessary steps to obtain all required public utility services.

  17. If the purchaser wishes to erect a doghouse or shelter, it must be placed behind the house.

  18. The purchaser must not obstruct the drainage of the said land or the ditch for this purpose at the edge of the street and must pay the cost of installing a culvert for a driveway in accordance with municipal by-laws.

  19. All waste must be placed in a closed container, and only on the day of waste collection.

Note: Municipal rules can change throughout the year, for more information regarding municipal rules contact Laurent Clément, Inspector for the municipality of Saint-Sixte at (819) 576-7723.


All these regulations and restrictions will also be binding on the legal representatives of the purchaser, as well as his successors in title and any subsequent purchaser of said immovable.

Updated: January 26, 2022

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